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2017 season (Bob Writer   Apr 12)

The season is over after 18 weeks of great tennis and socializing. Monarch is first, Buttonwood is second and Summerfield is third. We will resume again in December

2014 CAPTAINS MEETING MINUTES (Bob Writer   Apr 12)

The increasing cost and hassle associated with providing full lunches was discussed. It was decided to continue with the reciprocal lunches but add the options of just drinks and snacks as well as dutch treat lunches at nearby restaurants. Captains will discuss  and decide before the first match of the season.

  The annual fee for the use of the website server will increase from $10 to $15 per team per year.

   Participation of Thursday league teams in the Tuesday league annual dinner was discussed. Captains said they would discuss with their players. The cost to help subsidize  the dinner would be abut $50 per team per year.

   The following motions were submitted by Ted Kappler of Mariner Sands and adopted by the group:

 1.   "We confirm the leagues commitment to the goal of enforcing the existing 3.5 USTA NTRP maximum rating eligibility rule."

 2.  "Any player who is listed with a rating above 3.5 in the current season in another local league is deemed inelibible."

    The following motion was made from the floor and adoted by the group:

  "Any player deemed to be ineligible can be reinstated to eligible if a USTA Pro from a club other then the subject player's club provides evidence that the player should be rated 3.5 or lower.

     The following motion was made by Paul O'Brien and adopted by the group:

  "In view of the reluctance by players on other teams to play matches on the carpet courts at IRP, the Ocean Club agrees to play three of their at-home matcheson their opponents home courts ech year. The clubs will be selected at random and will be shown in the published schedule next year"







Minutes of Captains Meeting 4/3/2013 (Bob Writer   Apr 5)

1)It was unanimously decided to use the Coman format for both 7-point and 10-point tiebreakers next season.

2) Default protocol was clarified. In the event of a default before the matches start the lineup will be modified so that the fifth court will be defaulted first, the fourth court second etc.

3)It was agreed that all rosters would be arranged  in order of strength. Strongest Players on court one, weakest  players on court five etc.

4 After lengthy discussion on player ability and level of play it ws agreed that captains will continue to take into consideration the strength of their opponents when building their rosters.



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Buttonwood 0 0/0 0.0
Cascades 0 0/0 0.0
Harbour Ridge 0 0/0 0.0
Mariner Sands 0 0/0 0.0
Miles Grant 0 0/0 0.0
Monarch CC 0 0/0 0.0
North River...s 0 0/0 0.0
Ocean Club 0 0/0 0.0
Stuart Y&CC 0 0/0 0.0
Summerfield 0 0/0 0.0
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